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Credit and credit repair are extremely complex subjects. At no fault of our own, early on, we are over whelmed with enticing credit offers; often leading to bad credit. Oftentimes, it is not until we have a large expense, like a new home purchase, that we realize that our credit needs work. Steve Tansey and the team at White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA) offer consumer credit services to assist their clients with fixing their credit. We understand the complexity of credit and have developed a unique, highly personalized way to get your financial freedom and buying power back. Our goal is not only to improve your credit, but to educate you on the proper use of your credit.

Become a Well Qualified Home Buyer


White Jacobs & Associates is an attorney powered alternative to credit restoration. Assisting non-qualified home buyers in regaining WELL QUALIFIED home buyer status.

Knowing Your Credit Score | Steve Tansey


You will know what results to expect as soon as the process begins. Get your FREE credit evaluation from Steve and be on the path to well qualified credit status!

Steve Tansey | Senior Credit Analyst


Steve has worked in finance since 1987. Since 2008, when he switched focus to credit repair, Steve has personally assisted over 1600 clients  in rectifying their credit situation.


Credit Repair Expectations

Steve Tansey is the man. My wife and I are thoroughly pleased with the service provided by WJA. We began the process in February of 2016. I had a score of 539, my wife 547. It’s now May and my score is 670, hers 690.

I had 5 collection accounts, all have been deleted. My wife had 12, with only 4 remaining, But we’re still in the first round of the program. We’re still in the first round of the program because my wife and I decided that our scores should be high enough to qualify for a FHA mortgage loan, as our current living arrangements weren’t so great.

So we spoke to our guy Steve Tansey at WJA, he gave us the go ahead and said he would put our file on hold until after we closed. Short of the long, we got approved and are scheduled to close on our home in less than 2 weeks. We couldn’t have done this without White Jacobs and Steve!

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