Second Chance at Credit

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Steven Tansey from White Jacobs gave me a second chance in the credit world. I heard about Steve and White Jacobs from a friend who he helped. She shared every month how her credit score had improved and that she could buy a house. When I started the program my credit score was mid-500 to very low 600. I had been previously married and had a terrible divorce. I was in debt over my head and to make matters worse I live in California cost of living is high. I didn’t even know where to begin. I begin the program in February I used my income tax as a down payment. Steve assessed my credit report educated me on the program how it worked. Steve asked me what my goals are. I told Steve that my goal was to buy a house. Steve told me what he could fix and what he might have a hard time fixing. Steve told me when I was done with the program I would be at house buy credit score. Throughout the program Steve educated me about credit. I was in the program for six months and I am happy to share that Steve fixed everything even the things he was unsure about. At the end of the program my credit score is between the high 600 to the low 700. I plan on beginning the house buying process in the next few months.

Bridgette H Steve Tansey/Credit Repair October 8, 2016