We don’t repair credit, we change lives!

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White Jacobs & Associates | Steve Tansey

“Most people don’t lead their own lives – they accept their lives.” I see this on a daily basis.*

Unfortunately, many people approach their lives very passively. They take a reactive approach to living instead of a proactive one. It’s as if they are waiting for something. But life is not a dress rehearsal. You won’t get a second chance to relive today. I believe everyone chooses how they approach life. If you are proactive you focus on preparing. If you are reactive, you end up on focusing on repairing.**


• Makes you focus on yesterday
• Consumes time
• Breeds discouragement
• Increases costs
• Pays now for yesterday
• Becomes an obstacle for growth**

By choosing White Jacobs & Associates your clients are on their way to becoming more proactive. My mission through this very important process is to arm them with all of the tools they will need to begin focusing on preparing.


• Lets you focus on today
• Increases efficiency
• Increases confidence
• Saves Money
• Pays now for tomorrow
• Takes you to a higher level**
Please call me as soon as you have a moment. I would love to evaluate your credit reports and situation. Your call will allow us to prepare your road map and game plan to your future.

*Quoted from John Kotter, the Harvard Business School Professor and author of
Leading Change.

** Quoted from John Maxwell, the author of Today Matters

I will make a difference in your client’s life and your income!